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These are expressions used in restaurants in Estonian. Very useful when ordering from a menu in combination with our Estonian Food list.

Where is there a good restaurant?: Kus on hea restoran? / Kust ma leiaksin hea restorani?
I'm vegetarian: Ma olen taimetoitlane
What's the name of this dish?: Mis on selle roa nimi ?
Waiter / waitress!: kelner / ettekandja
May we have the check please?: Arve, palun! / Kas me saaksime, palun, arve!
It is very delicious!: See on väga maitsev / See on hõrgutav!
What do you recommend?: Mida te soovitate? / Mida te soovitate süüa?
The bill please!: Arve palun!

The following items can be found in restaurants as well as kitchens. Which means it would be useful to memorize them.

Spicy: vürtsikas
Sweet: magus
Salty: soolane
Plate: taldrik
Fork: kahvel
Knife: nuga
Spoon: lusikas
Table: laud
Menu: Menüü
Food: toit
Dessert: magustoit
Water: Vesi
A cup of: tass...
A glass of: klaas...
Salad: salat
Soup: supp
Bread: leib
Black pepper: Must pipar
Salt: sool
Tip: Jootraha
Napkin: Salvrätt

Hopefully these expressions of restaurant in Estonian can help you order off the menu or ask waiters items you might need. Check our menu above to select another topic or click the "Next" button to view the next lesson.

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