Estonian Prepositions

This is a list of prepositions in Estonian. This includes words related to positions (i.e. under, on top of ...), conjunctions (and, but ...) and many more.

On top of: peal
Under: all
Inside: seespool / sees
Outside: väljaspool / väljas
Behind: taga
In front of: ees
Near: lähedal
Between: vahel

These are more popular prepositions you might find useful at some point or another.

After: pärast
Before: enne
With: koos
Without: ilma
Since: alates
Until: kuni
Of: kohta / millestki
From: juurest
To: kuni
Instead of: asemel
In: sees
Against: vastu
As: nagu
About: kohta / umbes
For: jaoks

The following are conjunctions used to connect words, sentences, or phrases.

And: ja
Or: või
But: aga
So: nii

Now is the time for some prepositions used in a sentence. We are using the following: (from, under, inside, with, in, but) as examples.

I'm from Japan: Olen Jaapanist
The pen is under the desk: Pastapliiats on laua all
The letter is inside the book: Kiri on raamatu sees
Can I practice Italian with you?: Kas ma võin sinuga itaalia keelt harjutada ?
I was born in Miami: Ma sündisin Miamis
I speak French but with an accent: Ma räägin prantsuse keelt, aga aktsendiga

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