Estonian Questions

This page provides information about the questions in Estonian, also called the interrogative form. This will enable you to ask people about different topics.

How?: kuidas? kui?
What?: mida? / mis?
Who?: kes?
Why?: miks?
Where?: kus?
When?: millal?

These are sentences which include the above tools to ask questions. Asking questions is a very good way to learn a language or start a conversation.

What is this called?: Mis selle nimi on? / Kuidas seda kutsutakse?
Why is it expensive?: Miks see kallis on?
How would you like to pay?: Kuidas te sooviksite maksta?
Can I come?: Kas ma võin tulla?
Do you know her?: Kas sa tunned teda?
How difficult is it?: Kui raske see on?
Can I help you?: Kas ma saan sind aidata?
Can you help me?: Kas sa saad mind aidata?
Do you speak English?: Kas sa räägid inglise keelt?
How far is this?: Kui kaugel see on?
What time is it?: Mis kell on?
How much is this?: Kui palju see on / maksab?
What is your name?: Mis su nimi on?
Where do you live?: Kus sa elad?
When can we meet?: Millal me võime kohtuda?
Who is knocking at the door?: Kes koputab uksele?

Now that you have explored questions in Estonian in the interrogative form, let's move on to the next subject below. Or simply choose your own topic from the menu above.

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