Vietnamese Food

This is a list of food in Vietnamese. This can be very useful when going to the supermarket to buy groceries or simply when asking for breakfast.

Milk: sữa
Cheese: pho mát
Bread: bánh mì
Meal: bữa ăn
Breakfast: bữa sáng
Lunch: bữa trưa
Dinner: bữa tối
Salad: sa lát hoặc nộm
Sugar: đường
Salt: muối
Orange juice: nước cam
Soda: Soda (giống như coca-cola)
Coffee: cà phê
Tea: trà
Meat: thịt
Chicken: thịt gà
Pizza: bánh pizza
Eggs: trứng
Sandwich: bánh sandwich
Ice cream: kem
Water: nước
Food: thực phẩm / đồ ăn

These samples show how food items can be incorporated into a sentence in Vietnamese. You will also be able to express your feelings of hunger or thirst.

I'm hungry: tôi đói
Are you thirsty?: Bạn có khát không?
Do you have a bottle of water?: Bạn có chai nước nào không?
Breakfast is ready: Bữa sáng đã sẵn sàng
What kind of food do you like?: Bạn thích loại đồ ăn nào?
I like cheese: Tôi thích pho mát

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