Vietnamese Adverbs

This is a list of adverbs in Vietnamese. This includes adverbs of time, place, manner and frequency. Which sums up most of what you need for daily use.

Now: bây giờ
Later: lát nữa
Tonight: đêm nay
Last night: đêm qua
This morning: sáng nay
Yesterday: hôm qua
Today: hôm nay
Tomorrow: ngày mai
Next week: tuần tới
Already: rồi
Recently: Gần đây
Lately: mới đây
Soon: sớm
Immediately: ngay lập tức
Still: vẫn còn
Yet: chưa

After the above adverbs of time, now we move on to adverbs of place.

Here: đây
There: đó
Everywhere: ở khắp mọi nơi
Anywhere: bất cứ nơi nào

Now adverbs of manners, used to describe how something happens. They are usually placed after the main verb.

Carefully: cẩn thận
Alone: một mình
Very: rất
Really: thực sự
Quickly: nhanh chóng
Slowly: từ từ
Almost: gần như
Together: cùng nhau

These are adverbs of frequency, which are used to answer the question "how often?".

Always: luôn luôn
Sometimes: đôi khi
Rarely: hiếm khi
Never: không bao giờ

We hope the adverbs lesson in Vietnamese was useful to you. Let's move on to the next subject below. Or choose your own topic from the menu above.

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