Maltese Travel

This is a list of travel in Maltese. It will come in handy when landing at the airport or answering tourism and business questions.

Airplane: Ajruplan
Airport: Ajruport / Mitjar
Bus: Xarabank
Bus station: Stazzjon tal-linja
Car: Karozza
Flight: Titjira
For business: Fuq xogħol
For pleasure: Għal pjaċir / gost
Hotel: Lukanda
Luggage: Bagalji
Parking: Parkeġġ
Passport: Passaport
Reservation: Riserva
Taxi: Taxi
Ticket: Biljett
Tourism: Turiżmu
Train: Ferrovija
Train station: Stazzjon tal-ferroviji
To travel: Ivvjaġġa
Help Desk: Skrivanija għall-għajnuna

Now we will use the Maltese words above in different sentences related to tourism and travel.

Do you accept credit cards?: Taċċetta karti tal-kreditu?
How much will it cost?: Kemm se tiswieni?
I have a reservation: Għandi riservazzjoni
I'd like to rent a car: Nixtieq nikri karozza
I'm here on business/ on vacation.: Qiegħed hawn fuq xogħol / għal vaganza
Is this seat taken?: Dan il-post meħud?

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