Nationality in Maltese

This is a list of some common nationalities in Maltese. It is a nice addition to our other 2 pages: Languages and Countries.

British: Ingliż (M), Ingliża (F), Ingliżi (Pl)
Moroccan: Marokkin (M), Marokkina (F), Marokkini (Pl)
Chinese: Ċiniż (M), Ċiniża (F), Ċiniżi (Pl)
Brazilian: Brażiljan (M), Brażiljana (F), Brażiljani (Pl)
American: Amerikan (M), Amerikana (F), Amerikani (Pl)
French: Franċiż (M), Franċiża (F), Franċiżi (Pl)
German: Ġermaniż (M), Ġermaniża (F), Ġermaniżi (Pl)
Greek: Grieg (M), Griega (F), Griegi (Pl)
Israeli: Iżraeljan (M), Iżraeljana (F), Iżraeljani (Pl)
Indian: Indjan (M), Indjana (F), Indjani (Pl)
Irish: Irlandiż (M), Irlandiża (F), Irlandiżi (Pl)
Italian: Taljan (M), Taljana (F), Taljani (Pl)
Japanese: Ġappuniż (M), Ġappuniża (F), Ġappuniżi (Pl)
Korean: Korean (M), Koreana (F), Koreani (Pl)
Iranian: Iranjan (M), Iranjana (F), Iranjani (Pl)
Portuguese: Portugiż (M), Portugiża (F), Portugiżi (Pl)
Russian: Russu (M), Russa (F), Russi (Pl)
Spanish: Spanjol (M), Spanjola (F), Spanjoli (Pl)
Swedish: Svediż (M), Svediża (F), Svediżi (Pl)
Pakistani: Pakistani (M), Pakistana (F), Pakistani (Pl)

Now we will put some of the words above into a sentence which you might use in a regular conversation about citizenship. All you need is to swap the nationality but keep the same sentence structure.

I'm Italian: Jien Taljan (M), Jien Taljana (F)
My wife is Korean: Marti Koreana
My father is Greek: Missieri Grieg
I have an American car: Għandi karozza Amerikana
I love French cheese: Inħobbu il-ġobon Franċiż
He has a Moroccan rug: Għandu tapit Marokkin

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