Maltese Greetings

This is a list of greetings in Maltese. Helpful when trying to check how others are doing or feeling during different times of the day.

Good morning!: Bonġu!
Good afternoon!: Il-waranofsinhar it-tajjeb!
Good evening!: Il-lejla t-tajba! / Bonswa
Welcome!: Merħba
How are you? (friendly): Kif int?
How are you? (polite): Kif tinsab?
What's up? (colloquial) : X'minnek?
I'm fine, thank you!: Tajjeb, grazzi!
And you? (friendly): U int?
And you? (polite): U int?
Good: Tajjeb (m), Tajba (f)
Bad: Ħażin (m), Ħażina (f)
Happy: Ferħan (m), Ferħana (f)
Sad: Imdejjaq (m), Imdejqa (f)
Thank you!: Grazzi
Thank you very much!: Grazzi ħafna
You're welcome!: Ta' xejn / xejn
Have a nice day!: Il-ġurnata t-tajba
Good night!: Il-lejl it-tajjeb
See you later!: Narak iktar tard!
Have a good trip!: Il-vjaġġ it-tajjeb
It was nice talking to you!: Ħadt gost nitkellem miegħek

The above greetings in Maltese are essential to daily conversations. You are very likely to use at least one of them in any given day. Check out the next topic below or choose your own subject from the menu above.

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