Maltese Negation

This is a lesson about negation in Maltese. This includes words or expressions used to form a negative form as opposted to the affirmative. For example "I don't understand".

No: Le
Nothing: Xejn
Not yet: Mhux għalissa
No one: Ħadd
No longer: Daqshekk
Never: Qatt
Cannot: Ma nistax (1st person), Ma tistax (2nd person), Ma jistax (3rd person M), Ma tistax (3rd person F),
Should not: Mhux suppost

The below examples demonstrate how to use the negation form in a sentence. Don't be shy to use of these expressions if you don't know something.

We don't understand: Ma nifhmux.
I do not speak Japanese: Ma nitkellimx bil-Ġappuniż
I cannot remember the word: Ma nistax niftakar il-kelma
You should not forget this word: Ma tistax tinsa' din il-kelma
No problem!: Mhux problema!
I don't know!: Ma nafx!
I'm not interested!: Mhux interessat!
Don't worry!: Tinkwetax!
This is wrong: Dan ħażin (M), Din ħażina (F)
This is not correct: Dan mhux tajjeb (M), Din mhix tajba (F)
No one here speaks Greek: Ħadd ma jitkellem bil-Grieg hawn
I'm not fluent in Italian yet: S'issa ma nitkellimx bit-Taljan b'mod fluwidu.

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