French Future

This is a list of verbs in the future tense in French. First let's start with the raw format before conjugating the verbs to the future form. Make sure to compare this table and the one below it.

To see: Voir
To write: Écrire
To love: Aimer / adorer
To give: Donner
To play: Jouer
To read: Lire
To understand: Comprendre
To have: Avoir
To know: Savoir / Connaître
To learn: Apprendre
To think: Penser
To work: Travailler
To speak: Parler
To drive: Conduire
To smile: Sourire
To find: Trouver

These samples show how the verbs above are conjugated in the future tense in a sentence which includes all the object pronouns (I, you, she...).

I will see you: Je vous verrai
I will write with a pen: J'écrirai avec un stylo
You will love apples: Vous adorerez les pommes
You will give money: Vous donnerez de l'argent
You will play tennis: Vous jouerez au tennis
He will read a book: Il lira un livre
He will understand me: Il me comprendra
She will have a cat: Elle aura un chat
She will know you: Elle te connaîtra
We will want to see you: Nous voudrons vous voir
We will think about you: Nous penserons à vous
You (plural) will work here: Vous travaillerez ici
You (plural) will speak French: Vous parlerez français
They will drive a car: Ils conduiront une voiture
They will smile: Ils souriront

After the future tense in French, make sure to check the other tenses (future, and past), which we hope you enjoyed. You can also choose your own topic from the menu above.

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