French Clothes

This is a list of clothes in French. This can enable you to describe what you are wearing or what dress you would like to purchase from a store.

Coat: Le manteau
Dress: La robe
Hat: Le chapeau
Jacket: La veste
Pants: Le pantalon
Shirt: La chemise
Shoes: Les chaussures
Socks: Les chaussettes
Underwear: Les sous-vêtements
Sweater: Le pull
Suit: Le costume
Tie: La cravate
Belt: La ceinture
Gloves: Les gants
Umbrella: Le parapluie
Wallet: Le portefeuille
Watch: La montre
Glasses: Les lunettes
Ring: La bague
Clothes: Les vêtements

Now we will see some of the expressions used above in a sentence. They could be used when trying new clothes or when complementing others.

These shoes are small: Ces chaussures sont petites
These pants are long: Ces pantalons sont longs
I lost my socks: J'ai perdu mes chaussettes
She has a beautiful ring: Elle a une belle bague
Do you like my dress?: Est-ce que tu aimes ma robe?
It looks good on you: Ça te va bien

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